Job opportunities and internships with Elyon Media. 

Like the body of Believers, we need more than just filmmakers. We need individuals skilled in research development, marketing, webmaster, computer science and software development, production and resident expert. We at Elyon Media envision the Body of Messiah being the avant-garde in the filmmaking and technology industries. We’re looking for innovators to join us. Are you skilled in your craft, looking to develop your talent in an exciting ministry? 

Current intern opportunities are available. Character and Integrity, Honesty and Truth govern the members of our team ruled by a strict adherence to the Word of Yahweh. We take this mission seriously and so should anyone that is interested in this Replacement Industry of media. 

If you are interested in applying to qualify, please contacts us.  

Prerequisites for qualification:
  • ​Resume
  • Demo Reel
  • Personal References
  • Professional References
  • Spiritual References
  • At least 3 months available time to intern before being considered for position on staff.

Subcontracted work is another way to work with us and to determine if we are a match for you as well as you being a match for our ministry and service our clients. 

Our final decision will based on character, integrity and trustworthiness. Though skill and excellence are important to us, we are not hiring, per say. We are looking for a group men and women that have an infinite capacity to not know what is impossible. Our goals are our passion and they will require a team that is just as passionate to perform them. 

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